Export focus: F&B products and Oil &Gas

Commencing the last half of the 1990’s CACL’s export activities have been mainly focused on the Food and Beverage Sector.  The current focus continues to be export of Canadian wines, juices, berries, and bottled waters.  Commencing in 2014, a new focus is to be provision of Western Canada oil and gas to Guangdong, China.  In providing these services, CACL cooperates with Canadian government trade offices throughout the region.  Exhibiting regularly in Canadian Pavilions and independently in trade shows in numerous cities in

Trade show experience

China, plus Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Manila, Jakarta, Singapore and Tehran, continues to add value to our consulting services. 


On-going communications with CACL’s network of agencies and other contacts – both professional and commercial - in all these markets adds depth to our perspective.  For activities in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other markets where overseas Chinese business people are significant in commercial affairs, CACL’s ability to operate on all levels of communication in spoken


and written Mandarin Chinese again adds significant value to client services.

We also work closely with Asian distributors to support their marketing needs, as they promote our suppliers' products. CACL Consulting Services have focused primarily on Export promotions and market studies but have also included services to Asian exporters and Canadian importers.


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