Award-Winning Canadian VQA Icewine and Desert Wines

Strewn Estate Winery

Strewn is one of Canada's top boutique wineries. Located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Strewn produces a wide selection of table wines and dessert wines. We started selling Strewn Icewine to Asia before the new millennium! Today, Strewn dessert wines can be found in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Singapore. Our top brands include Strewn, Palatine, and Chimo Icewines and Select Late Harvest.

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Gold Medal Craft Beer

Vancouver Island Brewing

One of the pioneers of the Canadian craft beer movement, Vancouver Island Brewing (VIB) has a dedicated following in BC. CACL has explored potential markets for VIB in Asia and is currently testing the chosen markets with it's world class Hermannator Ice Bock, Victoria Lager, Dominion Dark Lager, and Faller Northwest Pale Ale. So far, the response has been excellent...VIB beer is delicious!

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High Protein Bars and Beverages

Bariatrix Nutrition

Bariatrix has been making high protein foods for some of the best-known protein food brands in the world. Armed with the knowledge that China is THE fastest-growing market for high protein foods in the world, CACL is exploring the appropriate channels and finding the right partner to enter the market.

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High Protein Bars and Beverages


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