Market Exploration

Does your product have a market in Asia? Who is the competition? What are the right channels for us? Which market would be best for expansion?

CACL can help you answer all of these questions.

Market Development

Already playing in the market, but need some expert support to grow? CACL can expand your distribution network, grow sales in current markets, or help you expand to new markets.

International Sales and Marketing

Canada has a great brand in Asia. CACL can help your brand leverage those positive feelings about Canada and position you for success!

CACL is your Asian sales and marketing team!


Market Exploration

Before you invest time, energy, and money into an international expansion, it is important to understand where your products and services have potential, which competitors are already there, and how you need to position your brand. A Market Exploration program provides your company with a solid understanding of the potential for your products in various markets across Asia and helps establish the right relationships for the marketing and distribution of your products in the chosen market(s). CACL services offered during the program include:

  •  Market analysis, including consumer preferences, available formats, pricing, etc.
  • Brand Introduction to international trade stakeholders
  • Product evaluation by prospective distribution partners
  • Partnership evaluation and qualification
  • Coordination of samples and information to prospective partners
  • If needed, a Go-to-Market strategy
  • Opportunity to participate in relevant trade shows in chosen market

Market Expansion

If you are already armed with a market expansion strategy, CACL can help execute your strategy with the following activities:

  • Sourcing lists of prospective distributors
  • Contacting prospective distributors to introduce your products
  • Coordination of samples and information to distributors
  • Partnership (distributor and/or marketing agencies) evaluation and qualification
  • Opportunity to participate in relevant trade shows
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CACL Agency - Sales and Marketing Management

Following the market development program, sales of your products to the new market would begin increasing, and CACL would act as an agent to monitor and support sales activity, while continuing to pursue other growth opportunities in China.

  • Managing distributor sales and marketing activity on behalf of Colio
  • Monthly activity reports regarding sales and marketing activity
  • Coordination of shipments and support to Chinese distributors
  • Issue management within identified markets
  • Opportunity to participate in future trade shows across all markets identified

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